The History of Triode

Triode Corporation was founded by its President Mr. Jun-ichi Yamazaki in Koshigaya Saitama in the year 1994. It started as a small business in his garage with the goal of creating a very high-quality Audio Amplifier products that can be sold worldwide at affordable price, targeting tube lovers that only wants real music and nothing else. After a few years, Triode began to attract attention from all over the world and expanded its lineup of tube electronics that include very high-quality models. Triode has about 20 models of tube amplifiers and are well known for its high-quality sound and reliability. With this goal achieved, in 2014, Jun-ichi Yamazaki ventured to a more sophisticated design of tube electronics brand that not only sound natural and real but using some of the best components available in the market. He called this high-performance model the “JUNONE”. The name is fitted to be called the number “One” because of its overall performance. Now, it is the 25th year anniversary of Triode corporation and Jun-ichi Yamazaki wants to show its customers all over the world that Triode does not stop developing new technology that create real music. So, he created what he called the milestone of his work, the MUSASHI and the TRZ-300W.