Sell Or Consign Your Vintage Gear


We’re flexible. We buy everything from single pieces to entire collections of vintage audio gear in almost any condition from project to pristine. Please keep in mind that we’re looking for quality gear that has a Mid-Century Modern vibe. Clean lines, wood cabinets, steel, glass, you get the picture.

Send us a description of each piece (Model & Serial #), and we’ll make you an offer. If you’d like to send us a list of what you have first, we’re happy to tell you which pieces we’re interested in before you go through the hassle of a photo shoot.

If you’re within a few hundred miles of Denver, we’re also more than happy to come take a look.

Send us an Email


We take interesting pieces in really good to perfect condition on consignment. We prefer our electronics to have been born between 1940-1979, but will make exceptions in some cases. With speakers, we’re a little more flexible on age. If they have an interesting look that would fit into the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, we’d like to see them. If they’re modern versions of vintage speakers, that works too. Send us descriptions and good pics and we’ll get back to you with what we’re interested in.

We run every piece of gear we take in through our tech department to make sure that the next caretaker is getting a piece in the best possible condition. If a component needs refurbishment, we’ll absorb the initial cost and deduct that from the sale price.