The History Of Empire Scientific

Empire Scientific – initially known as Audio Empire – started around 1958 as a hi-fi subdivision of a precision machine shop/manufacturer called Dyna-Empire, and was known worldwide for producing high quality turntables, cartridges, and high fidelity loudspeakers, recognized by audiophiles for their outstanding performance. The company was led for many years by Herb Horowitz, and his leadership was announced in the September 1959 issue of Audio magazine, saying Mr. Horowitz "has been appointed director of Audio Empire, high fidelity product arm of Dyna-Empire, Inc., Garden City, N.Y. Before joining Dyna-Empire, Mr. Horowitz spent many years as chief engineer of Electro-Sonic Laboratories and chief of audio products for CBS/Columbia, during which time he was responsible for a number of outstanding advances in the design of high fidelity components. Duties will include marketing and production as well as engineering supervision."

As the audio technology transformed to tape versus vinyl, the phonograph industry all but disappeared. The family sold the business, however they kept the name with the belief that camera and camcorder batteries would be a good replacement for the phonograph business. T.A.E (Trans Atlantic Electronics Inc, DBA Empire Scientific) was founded in 1978.

Empire began producing turntables in the early 60’s and over a span of almost 20 years produced roughly 6 main models the 208, 298, 398, 498, 598 and 698. Empire offered two color schemes with their turntables. The stock offering was a satin chrome or silver anodized aluminum finish while a gold colored finish was optional. The gold colored finish was denoted by the “G” designation on the model number. The gold finishes have not held up over time and many that you see today show quite a bit of wear.

In the February, 1962 issue of High Fidelity we find the first mention of the name "Empire Scientific." The company now manufactures and distributes replacement batteries for consumer/industrial electronics.