The History of ADS

In 1966, a brilliant physicist, Dr. Godehard Guenther, came to the United states to work for NASA. Being an accomplished pianist and possessing an intensive passion for music, Dr. Guenther was disappointed with availability of high quality, cosmetically appealing audio products. He sent home for his Braun hi-fi system and soon his friend and co-workers were all asking if these products were available in the United States. He had Braun send a few systems and it quickly elevated to container loads. Godehard was awarded sole distribution right for Braun hi-fi in the United states.

Dr. Guenther left NASA and move to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1974. He started importing drivers from Braun and Id the assembling and selling of the finished products in the United States. Eventually, he sourced all components and began designing and building his own products sold under the a/d/s/ name.

Dr. Guenther retired in 1993, and through a merger with the high-end Canadian audio company, Museatex, ADS Technologies was formed. The research and development to the company was totally re-focused and, with a new management team, the company set out on a new journey. the goal of ADST was to acquire specialty manufactures who were able to share production efficiencies and gain total control over quality and manufacturing. A/D/S has its own team of design engineers headed by Ed Meitner. ADST is headed by Kurien Jacob, who has an extensive financial back ground as well as being a true audiophile. The acquisition of Orion Industries, in early 1994 was ideal for group. It was a company unparalleled in the audio sound competition arena and state of art electronic production facilities. This allow for separate marketing of very different products yet utilize engineering and manufacturing of a/d/s/, Orion and Museatex.

ADST was sold to Directed Electronics Inc. early 2000. Sadly, Mr. Guenther has passed away October 16, 2014.