Tri-Art Audio

Heart-stopping pieces that are as much a work of art as the music they reproduce. Tri-Art Audio delivers a full line of audiophile-grade equipment from components, to speakers, to turntables, and everything in between. They leverage specially treated bamboo in nearly everything they make, because of its special damping qualities and renewability. Founder Steve Ginsburg calls it "nature's carbon fiber." We call it sexy.
What first appears to be a turntable constructed entirely of wood, conceals a careful concierto of componentry - aluminum sub-platter with a steel shaft, brass pulley, bronze and steel bearings - along with build quality, stability, and performance you would expect from the best of the best. Tri-Art Audio is somehow able to deliver all this at a near entry-level price point.
Tri-Art Audio speakers feature open-baffle designs that present a wide soundstage with vivid imaging and impressive bass, with the build quality and performance you would expect from a far more expensive speaker. With features like jeweller grade wiring and attenuated volume control for precise bass alignment, modular components, and multiple upgrade paths, Tri-Art is more of an ecosystem than a product lineup.
Tri-Art's tube-buffered amplifiers offer a warm, articulate presentation, especially noticeable in vocals. The proper balance of brushed aluminum with natural materials such as bamboo, fire resistant natural sheep wool and acoustic waffling is a design ethos carried through the entire product line. Amps, preamps, receivers, tuners, dacs, headphone amps, all designed specifically to outperform their competitors by a wide margin. These components are as much a work of art as the music they reproduce.